Saturday, January 25, 2014

DIY Wire Wrap Necklace

I was reading about stones and how they are used in Physical/Emotional Healing and Feng Shui. Considering my line of work, I decided to somehow incorporate them into my treatments.
I chose Rose Quartz for its heart healing properties and Purple Amethyst for
balance and focus. There are many ways you can display or carry these stones but I think the best way is as a simple pendant around your neck!
Already-made necklaces can cost a fortune, but the raw materials can be inexpensive. Here is a simple and easy way to wire-wrap a stone without drilling a hole!

Tools you will need:

  • Stone of your choice
  • Thin crafting/beading wire
  • Wire cutters
  • Small pliers
  • A pen or dowel


There are many ways to wrap a stone, and they are certainly dependent on the shape. The goal is to make a cage for the stone to sit in, locking it tight and without a way to break free. I like to twist the wire for added stability.

So here's the first step: My stone is pretty small but I wanted enough wire to work with. I cut 2 10-inch long pieces and twisted them in the middle a few times.

I placed the twisted wire on the side of the stone, wrapped the 2 wires around the bottom in the front and back and twisted them together up the side, following the same pattern on the other side.

Next, I took one wire from each side and twisted them together in the middle at the very top.

I crisscrossed the other wires down the front of the stone, wrapping them around to the back and twisted them up the back to meet the wires at the very top.

Then I wrapped two wires around the base and twisted the other two wires together for the loop that will connect to a chain necklace.

I wrapped the twisted wire around a golf tee to make a loop. You can use a pen, dowel or something similar depending on the size of the loop you want.

I cut a good amount off the length of the wires and used the small pliers to wrap the rest around the base of the loop. You can also swirl the wire into designs and add some kinks to the wire wrapped around the stone to make it tighter.

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