Friday, July 18, 2014

Do Men Get Spa Treatments?

More and more frequently I'm being asked, "Do a lot of Men get treatments at the spa?"

Absolutely! (Although not nearly as many as women)

I like that there's been a large movement towards men being more aware of not only their appearance, but also about the health of their skin. This has been increasing for some time, and men are frequent customers at the spa nowadays. Having healthy skin that will treat us well as we get older is applicable to everyone.

If a man comes into the spa for his first facial, I can always tell. He's perhaps a bit nervous, unsure of what to do or even say! I'm sure it seems overwhelming, like ordering from Starbucks when you've never even had a cup of coffee. I always tell them that there's nothing to worry about and to just relax and take in the experience... Some people even say it's more relaxing than a massage.

Not only that, but getting a facial from a skin care professional can be enlightening. I'll usually talk to my clients about their daily regimen, and sometimes my clients aren't properly matching products to their type of skin! I try to help my clients in any ways I can, both with an appropriate treatment at the spa and good advice they can take home.

Here's a funny video I came across from Buzzfeed, showing a few guy reactions to spa treatments. Guys, take a look! If they like it so much, you probably will too!

And PS, ladies who have never had a facial before either... its time to start!

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